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we own the fastest & most professional customer service for your absolute comfort

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Women Only Scedule

we got timings in our scedule where pool is dedicated for women only usage,learn to swim ,swim for fitness & free swim .


Seba7a Cafe'

5 stars cafe at your service serving you the best hot & soft beverages and snacks

Seba7a Portal
all what you need to memorize in 1 place...


Seba7a Portal is the first online swimming system , which makes you able to keep track of your schedules,payments,deadlines and announcements , ask questions and get priority reply and a full system to keep track of all your career with SEBA7A making it easier to memorize , manage & keep track of your infromation

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Video Tracking
Keep track of your improvments ...


with seba7a video tracking system , you could keep track of your swim imporvments , your weakness points that you should focus on .this service is done by video taping the swimmer over & under water with the most advanced cameras worldwide and making a video with his stoke analysis every month & all this videos are added to your system monthly for your only usage or download

Founded&Managed by Swimmers
founded and managed by formal swimming champions..


Seba7a academy is founded & managed by group of egypt's national team swimmers , joining the academy means you will get benefit from a great experience and professional swimmers & coaches who had went through all kinds of levels in swimming giving you analysis for your present and doing their best for a great expectations for your future swim.